I am not stirring the pot, 7K is way outta my league and I'm sure that is the case for 99% of us. Go to the Safari Club Convention, probably a lot of them can afford one (or maybe 2 or 3!). The thing is that I really don't think it shoots any better than my custom commercial Mauser, Shilen match SS barrel, Bell & Carlson stock and Leupold VXIII 4 x 10 in .300 Wby with my handloads! I could buy 2 of mine and have a lot left over for reloading components or a down payment on a trophy outfitted hunt. I can (and have) shot moa out to 700 yards and I'm sure it will do the same at 1000. It takes a lot of work and tuning (especially in the load receipe) to get results like I get. I have spent lots of hours at the range practicing and getting the right load.