Over the next couple weeks I'm going to reserch these Big Agnes sleeping bags and was hoping to get some feed back from the fourm members, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I narrowed down my selection to these models:

#1. Blackburn SL 0* (800 downfill)

#2. Mystic SL 15* (800 downfill)

#3. Heart Mountain SL 30* (800 downfill)

I'm not sure what degree of bag to get for 3 season hunting. I hunt here in CA where it can get in temps from the 80's in late summer to the 20's later in winter, I also hunt other western states that get to the 10 degree mark when a snowstorm rolls in. I'm mainly worried about being to cold in fridged temps. I will be useing one of these bags for back country hunting in a spike camp.So what would be the best degree bag for the discibed above?

Also can anyone help with the Big Agnes sleeping pads?

They have three different types:

#1. Non-self inflating
#2. Self- inflating
#3. Semi-self-inflating
Dose anyone have one of these or know what would be best for my needs. I also noticed they have ones with insulated cores. What would the pros or cons be?

And the final Question, the Air Core pillow, is this something I should consider? I know little to nothing about all the mentioned above, Thanks for any replies.