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    Mule Deer Wyo Unit 118. Limited draw units with tags cut in half?

    A two part question. I am new to Wyoming and drew a mule deer unit wyo 118. The area just south of Meeteetse. Seeing if anyone else drew the tag or has been through the area or have had past tags in 118 before. Any advice or ideas are greatly appreciated.
    It seems like it can be fairly limited to its public ground. Also noticing that there are many limited draw units in Wyoming had some tag numbers drop. Many units are down to 40 or less tags, and maybe put more pressure on the larger general units? Do people feel its the deer numbers? low success rates?

    Good luck to everyone in 2012.....the seasons are coming fast.

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    Remember me neighbor? LOL ! Remember, I'll be close in 125 so just hollar or honk you horn if you need help !
    I know somebody will reply. I just wanted to be first ! I think they cut them because of winter kill in some areas last year.
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    Sent you a pm.



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