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    This just reminded me - my dad brought home some LRPRs (called "lerps"), they're long-range patrol rations, freexe-dried military rations for the special ops guys. This was back in the '80s.

    I had beef hash, that was actually awesome. It was just like corned beef hash, but made with regular beef instead. I haven't found anything like it, freeze-dried or otherwise, since then.
    Ah, the nostalgic aroma of a yak dung stove brewing up some tea full of herbs best left untranslated.
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    Mountain House- Lasagna, Mac n Cheese, Eggs n Bacon is pretty good for breakfast and a nice change from Granola or Oatmeal. Also try Backpackers Pantry-Shepards Pie, really good and is by far my favorite.

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    I dont always carry Mtn houses anymore, just to try and cut out the weight of a stove and fuel as well as the utensils. However, when I do heres my list 1) stroganoff 2) teriyaki rice with chicken 3) noodles and chicken. If i do take them I eat on every other night and skip dinner on the in betweens.



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