working on my list for a 7 day trip, I think i'll get sick of anything after 7 days no matter how good, so trying to introduce some variety.

I have found the Pro Bars to be more slightly more caloric and better than the old school cliff bars. 380 calories in a 85 gram Superfood Slam bar.

I was studying trail mix and nuts at the grocery store, here's an interesting table to help you build your own nut mix:

I'm putting a mix together of quarter cup of peanuts, quarter cup of brazil nuts, quarter cup of macadamia nuts that should be good for about 630 calories a day if I can choke it down. More calories by weight or volume than any trail mix I could find, but I may get some of that for some variety.

Mountain House and Backpackers Pantry dinners should yeild 500-730 calories depending on the meal.

I know pop tarts are good for breakfast and everyone loves thier PB bacon and honey bagels.

What are some other good new ideas?

What about these energy Gel Shots. Rereading David Longs book, he says he ate 3 of them (GU) a day (barf).