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    Quote Originally Posted by mcseal2 View Post
    Thanks for the compliment.

    Most of my hands on medical experience is from treating myself or animals around the ranch. My brother in law is a paramedic/emt as his civillian job, as well as in the national guard. I thought I had my kit pretty decent and then had him look it over and offer suggestions on what to add and teach me how to use it. He works 24hr shifts at his job and is often out at the ranch on days off, so chances are decent if the kit is needed he would be around to help use it. It can take 45 minutes to an hour for medical help to reach us IF they find us on the first try on our ranch so it is worth being prepared. As those of you who have bought pre-made first aid kits know they sound huge when you list them out like this. My postage scale shows my big truck kit weighing 4.5lbs and it fits in a bag about the size of a kids lunch box.

    My kit for carrying on hunts isn't near as big. In my opinion bandaids are overrated as something to pack, you need alot of them to have the right size for the wound. Vet wrap weighs little and can be used to stop bleeding or make a makeshift splint with cut braces. On a mountain side heavy bleeding or a bad leg worry me most as far as injury. A roll of vet wrap 4" long by 5yds wide weights 1.4oz on my scale and it is available in bright colors like hot pink that can also be used for flagging/signaling if needed. I always carry a 2" wide by 50ft roll of duck tape that can be used with the vet wrap alone, or preferably with it and a gauze pad to bandage most wounds. My field kit sounds bigger than it is also, while typing this I weighed it. The medical part fits easily in a qt ziplock bag with lots of room to spare and weighs 4.9oz including the duck tape.

    Might have to get one of those staplers, sounds like a good idea.
    You are a wise man to be prepared .
    I got a lot of great ideas from your posts that will make my kits heavier friends of mine always laugh at me for bringing extra or spare things with me but not so funny when they forget their bino's . Knife, ammo , release, whatever and ask to borrow mine.
    Thanks again for great info and post !
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