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    2012 Ca. Big Valley antelope

    Here's my buck I got opening afternoon. Almost pulled the trigger on him opening morning but left my range finder in truck and knew he was at least 500 yds. I'm fine with 500 yds with my 300 Rem Ultra Mag and 24x scope. Do it often and know my 30 in. Drop . But I didn't know if was over 500. I scooted my but over about a foot to clear some twigs and the doe's above him busted me and they all took off. Came back about 1:30 pm and the doe's were lower and now in the hay field but I didn't see the buck. I finally spotted him working his way down the hill towards them. I had made it to the trees by the creek without them seeing me again . I was a little further down and the were feeding/walking from my right to left I couldn't see the buck yet but could see the does through trees. I was in the open outside the trees sitting with bipod out ready. The does came in view and I thought for sure they would see me and bust. This time I had a white t shirt over my shoulder. Trick I learned in Wyoming many yrs. ago. The buck came down to the does and was checking them out. I took both of my range finders this time. I couldn't get my Leupold to range so I tried my trusty Leica. First range bam 405 yds. Perfect. Waited until he cleared the does and was broadside and hammered him. I made a good friend with the rancher. We talked and told stories for 3 days. He was 85 yrs old and didn't look 70. I don't think he gets to talk to anybody new often. I asked for permission to hunt his ranch and he said why sure ! You are the first one to ask and its all your's until your done. Nobody else allowed to hunt. Most all other ranchers said yes also but all said that they had a couple other hunters coming in . I didn't even see any antelope on his property but I knew there would be and he told me there were. Found them next morning right off. The rancher was tickled I got one. He had a gamble hook and helped me hang it in the tree. Brought his hose down from house and let me hose it off before and after skinning/caping. Wouldn't let me haul off the discarded pieces. Showed me where to put them for the magpie's and coyote's. He even let me park my trailer/Razor at his house so I didn't have to haul it around for 3 days. My turbo in my truck took a dump on the way up. Thought it was fuel pump. Lots off fun going up through the Sierra's on hwy 395. Went back hwy 5 . The Grapevine was hard getting up . Had to use 3rd gear most of the way but it was an hour and a half quicker with 12.5 hrs. and 740 miles compared to 14 hrs 700 mi.. Best part of trip was meeting and talking to the rancher. I made a new friend and he said come back when you can and for deer. Told him that might take a few years for X3A. Iceing on the cake was getting the buck, which by the way, was better than I thought he was and was surprised when I walked up to him.
    I have some on digital camera I haven't down loaded yet. They have my ugly mug in then that I had the rancher take for me.
    He has 7 in. base's. 5 in. prong's but is lacking in length. You all can guess. I never had cared about score's or record books. If they are a good representitve of the species, that's good enough for me. I won't go to my grave sad because I didn't kill a 200 in buck or 400 in bull or 80 in antelope. I like to hunt too much for that and like to kill and eat them. Guess you don't call that trophy hunting... It's all good !
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