Took my new Christensen Arms Extreme II 300 RUM to the range for the first time last week. I have not learned how to hand load yet so I went out with two different factory loads. Barnes VOR-TX in 180 Gr. Tipped TSX and Nosler Custom in 180 gr. Accubond. I chose to start with the Barnes as I have had great luck with 180 gr. MRX in my 300 WSM. The first shot was on paper at 100 yards, a quick adjustment of the scope and the second shot hit dead center. Both rounds were a little hard to extract after firing. I was not sure if there was an issue with the gun being new or the ammunition. As per the gun manufacturers recommendation I was cleaning the bore after each shot. I ensured the gun was not overly hot and was alternating with my 300 WSM. As I continued to shoot the Barnes bullets to adjust the scope to the proper elevation at 100yds, rounds were hard to eject to the point that the bolt would not eject a spent cartridge and I had to remove it with the rod. I inspected the gun and could not see any damage. I opted to try the Nosler Ammo. I fired several rounds and they all ejected normally with no issue. Talking with a friend that hand loads and an e-mail response from Christensen Arms both indicate that the Barnes loads may be too hot. Has anybody else had this issue? I did e-mail Barnes, however they have not answered.

On another note, I went back out with the gun a few days later and had the chance to shoot at a Coyote on a ranch where I sight my guns in. This gun is the first gun I have ever owned with a muzzle break. I learned a very tough lesson. Never shoot this gun without hearing protection or the replacing muzzle break! I will never own another gun with a muzzle break and may sell this one.