Me and two other hunting buddies are all 17 now. And we all plan on moving to AK either out of high school or finish some college first. We would be moving for the life experience and for the outdoors of course! Anchorage has around 250,000 people, so I have already decided that that is where I would want to move. Their temperatures are comparable to my home in Eastern ND. They also have some great colleges, 2 and four year schools. I am very interested in wildlife biology or law enforcement and Alaska has almost 3 jobs per thousand people for Wildlife Biologists. The next best state is CA with .8 jobs per thousand people. We would drive the alaskan highway and most likely start off with a crappy apartment and have enough money for a month or two's rent. I understand that the cost of living is extreme in AK. I don't mean to bore people. I'm just curious if others would wish they would have when they were young or just any advance you can provide. I would really appreciate it. I have a passport and have driven long drives upwards of 20 hours into Canada for fishing trips. I trap, hunt, fish, spear pike and anything else you can think of. Alaska would be a dream. I enjoy winter.