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    Ha ha thats awesome. Have a maxxis 35 90pounder, brutal bow. I have never fully recovered a arrow in tact that didnt go through. There muscles tense up so bad they basically snap the arrow for you, escepcially if its tight to the shoulder. Nothing to do with equipment or (i do agree with hoyt) the bow. But you should Get Serious...

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    Hit em where it Hoyt's!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WVhdnWest View Post
    If your arrow impacts tight to the shoulder i don't think it's unusual to break off a shaft when the animal bolts, broadside or quartering away. I've heard aluminum shafts break and have had whitetails break off both sides clean on a standing broadside shot and found only a shaft the width of the chest cavity still inside( no trees involved). A lost animal is a heartbreaker no doubt but don't beat yourself up over it.
    ^^This. It's fairly common for the shaft to break when the animal bolts if you hit at or around the shoulder without passthrough. Afterall, you're getting every bit of that animal's jerk reflex into a heavy bone area and shearing into the shaft. The exact same thing with my buddy's Nebraska whitetail. He hit it at 63 yards with no passthrough and the shaft snapped the instant the deer bucked and bolted. The damage was already done, even in that split second and the deer was down in 140 yards.



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