Hi everybody!

I've been an Eastmans subscriber for years but just recently started looking over the forum...lots of good "up-to-date" info for a flat-lander that can't be out there monitoring the mountain, thanks!

I'm a Marine combat vet (Three tours OEF/OIF 1999-2005). I've been dreaming of hunting the Northern Bighorns with my father ever since my last combat tour in '05 but college/career etc. always seemed to take precedence. This year I was able to commit to an Oct general deer tag in Reg Y. We are planning on being in WY from Oct 12 thru Oct 22. My father and I know the Bighorns quite well for non-residents due to camping/fly fishing trips many years ago...and would like to concentrate our hunting in unit 25 if the weather allows (Love to set up base camp near N. Tongue R.). Is this too high for the Muleys at that time of year or should we be concentrating on a lower elevation unit? Units we'll be able to hunt include...25,27,28,30,32,33,163,169. Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!