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I agree with you Ikeepitcold. I'm not sure if telling a lot of folks about the exact drainage, basins or honey holes you want to keep more private and then have to wait five years sounds like a very good option to me. I guess you have two options though that you have already mentioned, sad but true. Hunt it or don't hunt it. If it were me, I guess I'd weigh out how blown out it is with folks that might make you want to hunt it the same, maybe hunt it different or like you've already mentioned find a plan B area to hunt. What other options are there?

Most of the times I'm just pretty general about public hunting spots, hunting units, national forest or wilderness areas. If I've hunted a private ranch or leased some land to hunt, I'll again share the general area but not the actual spot(s) on the lease. I guess if someone was a good detective they could perhaps match a picture to the spot but that would be a pretty good detective.

With fishing spots, I've told folks the exact spots, even made youtube clips showing them where to fish and what to us a a lure for the CA DFG "California Heritage Trout Challenge". Most of the places I go are several miles into wilderness areas….. and well I just don't think they get over fished even if I tell folks where and show them pictures of the trout. People tend not to want to walk very far off the beaten path for fish like I do.

I hope your area works out for you Ikeepitcold. It can't be very much fun seeing an area where you have gone for years and not seen a sole in it and now see it full of folks. The time factor to scout a new spot has to suck as well. My hope is perhaps the folks that you saw in your area won't see it's potential

like you have and do and they will move on and hunt a different spot. One never knows…..
Thanx Kevin. I have hoped that these hunters would have moved on but it seems there are more and more each year. If these hunters are the same guys I don't know. I kinda don't think they are because this area is a better late season hunt but during the past years I've seen some nice bucks in the velvet. From what I've heard a lot of these hunters have heard from bird hunters that there are big buks here and that's how they have found the area. I think these hunters are not harvesting bucks but if they see them they will continue to try to draw tags in the area. This year my hunting partners both drew tags for this spot so we will give it another try. We also plan on a scouting trip to a mt range accrosed they valley. Maybe we can find a new spot in the same area. The tags are 1:3 so it's pretty easy to draw.