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That's what we say lot too when we kill a big deer in our spot too. We are Friggin stupid to hunt were we do but it seems to produce big bucks. A long hike in a a longer pack out. It never seems to even enter my mind when I'm looking at that buck way down in a canyon but when he's down and the photos are all done being taken and you begin to calm down and process on where you accually are then it sinks in. But in the high pressure areas we go to where the big bucks have been in the passed and hope to find one again. I guess the good thing is most guys won't find it but every year they seem to be popping up closer and closer to our spot.

Screw it! I'm gonna start road hunting! Anybody have a good road I can hunt? I'm not looking for info on your honey holes just a good road that I can shoot good deer from!
I just went to a place that had some decent animals right off the road. You had to pay a fee to get in but you can find coupons for it from time to time. I think it was called apple valley zoo. If you shot an animal there they would treat you like a king. They would take care of the animal for you, take photos, write articles about your hunt, carry your gun out, they'd even give you free room and board for a while I bet.

On a more serious note, the oil boom out this way is going to be my hunting area's demise for years to come. I'm pretty bummed about it, but I know there's always at least one bomber running around out there somewhere.