On a lot of my hunts, the things I see while hunting accentuate the memory. Seeing a couple of antelope bucks fight 50 yards from you while oblivious to your presence; seeing a bobcat or a lion, watching two bulls spar, etc.

This year while bear hunting, my partner and I watched a small black bear feeding in the Gambel Oak. It had climbed to the top of the trees and looks like Tarzan, clinging to the violently swaying small branches while trying to stuff more acorns in his mouth. We decided to watch the show for a bit...

The bear climbed down and started feeding on the dropped acorns for a bit. We noticed that it had an ear tag. A juvenile delinquent apparently. Suddenly the little guy bolted at top speed. We thought it had been frightened by something, but had to laugh when it simply sprinted to the nearest pine for a scratch. The return trip to the acorns was made at the same speed. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.

If you have a memorable or funny sideshow to share, please post it up.