I personally am getting tired of hearing people complain about how Wyoming is managed. Our game and fish does the best they can with what they have. If I'm not mistaken, I believe Wyo has the best opportunity to shoot a branch antlered elk in the lower 48. The mule deer problem is nation wide. They are falling hard. They game and fish are having statewide meetings with the public to see what is best for EVERYONE!!! Not just what is best for the dept. to make money. Price tag increases are one option. Seperate mulie and whitetail tags is another. The super tag auction, along with selling special stamps which the money will go to wildlife management (which I would bet not one NR will purchase) are all options they are considering. So please, don't jump the gun and assume that the price increase is the only option until you yourself have read into this a little further!!!

Personally, I feel that if you don't like what the state is doing, then don't come here. Trust me, it won't hurt the state. Someone else will just jump in your place instead of you! Right now Wyo is average or below average to what most states charge for out of state tags in the West. The price increase would put them at the top. I'm really tired of the millions of people living outside of Wyo trying to control what goes on here in Wyo. They have put a stop to coal, oil, and gas production and have cut 100's of jobs. The funny thing is, they all either fly here to protest or drive here. All of which requires the use of coal and oil!!!!! Now the NR want to control how we manage our wildlife for whats best for the NR. Why dont you think about whats best for Wyo, because the G&F really are in need of money. The game and fish have struggled for a few years now trying to be able to afford food for the elk on the winter ranges. Thankfully, some rich guy usually comes through and donates a couple million so it can be done.

So I thank the game and fish for all they do. Putting their lives at risk patrolling our forests and dealing with all the morons that poach and bitch about crappy management. They never can and never will be able to satisfy everyone out there. They do make mistakes, but who doesn't!