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    7 Years and FINALLY!!!

    Seven years I have hunted the ghost of the woods. Many times I have come so close and not yet been able to put a shot out there. Deer have stood before me and fallen, but this year! elk took to the butcher by my arrow!

    I was on a solo hunt this year. Completely on my own and following the footsteps of a successful hunt last year with some friends I went right back into the same country that produced the elk last year.

    I know for some its not a big deal, but there are those that have been there and done it and know. Putting an elk down with a bow is not an easy task, especially in my state. This year I was teased yet again by the big ol bull and he didn't even give me a glimpse of him this season, just a close enough to hear him breathing tree thrashing at my challenge and he walked away. Shortly after I landed a nice big cow elk with a perfect 72 yard downhill pure instinctive shot straight through both lungs.

    It was a fun hunt knowing I still have the big boy to look forward to next year one more time. And for all the years I put in the efforts, this year it has paid off with an elk of my own!
    My first photo and third are me wasting time the first two days over a wallow that never produced anything more than ants and a few photo ops.
    The second photo is of coarse my elk that I landed this year. I conceded on the cow the moment I saw her. Four days away from home and on a pure solo hunt, I was soooo ready to go on home. Shot was there, it was an easy shot to take, and knowing I had gotten one more chance and encountered my nemesis, "raspy", I called it and made that shot count this year.
    Now....this last photo boys and girls....let me explain....I simply saw this as I drove out of my hunt camp. It had to be photographed....and let it be a lesson to all y'all......there IS such a thing as too much SH&@ to pack to elk camp!!!! lol!!!!!Click image for larger version. 

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