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    We Got Him!

    Well if anyone remembers i posted a video of a buck a couple months ago that was number one on the hitlist. Throughout the months i have been keeping tabs on him and thought i had a pretty good idea of where he would be opening morning. Opening Morning came and as the sun was starting to rise i could make out a herd of antelope and low and behold this guy was in charge. This was my Fiance Saras first big game hunt ever and it was looking to be a fast one. There was only a small rise to conceal us from the antelope so as we crawled our way closer i heard the un mistakable sound of antelope blowing the warning call (im sure some of you have heard this before lol) i pulled up my binoculars to find the buck facing us staring us down repeatedly blowing this warning. Because of the hill we could only see his head, he continued to stay alarmed and pace back and forth 50 yards or so for about 10 minutes all the while only being able to see his head. Then to our left the does had finally had enough and began to run towards the private land and i knew the buck would follow so i told sara to turn her body and focus the scope on the does. i whistled at them and he stopped broadside at 200yds! Boom! she shot and i watched the dust fly behind the buck! Reload! i think you missed! i watched the buck running full blast away from us, as he began to slow and it looked like he would stop and turn again i noticed a bright red spot behind his shoulder and he stopped teatered and fell over! he only ran about 50 yds. I was so excited for her! after all the complaing from her about her not thinking she would like hunting on the ride home she says " I hate to say it but that was fun, i think im a lifer" mission accomplished! I Have Elk next Good luck everyone!
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