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    Training dogs for shed hunting

    Curious as to how many of you use dogs for shed hunting, and how do you train a dog to find sheds? I have a 1 year old chocolate lab and am interested in any special techniques or training methods, thanks, Brandon.

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    I give my dog small sheds and horns from small bucks I kill on meat hunts to chew on. I let her keep them in the house so they are always laying around. I try to give her fresh ones as often as I can. Then when we go out to hunt for sheds she knows she gets to keep them and use them as a chew toy. I keep the good big one and let her keep the small ones. I will also hide them around the house and outside in the yard and make her use her nose to find them. That's what works for me. She has found quite a few. I also take her deer hinting with me as well when I'm in a meat hunt and she finds some half burried too. I think have the horns for her to chew on keeps the scent strong in her nose.

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    I've been wanting to get a dog that will help me find sheds. I think there's a pretty good website out there ( or something like similar to that. I think it would be fun training a pup to gather sheds.



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