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Thread: Hunting T.V.

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    The one thing that most of these shows miss is the part of what we do with what we've shot after the kill. Most just mention it, if at all. Just lots of OOING & AWING at the trophy and maybe a mention of what great eating it will make.

    I was brought up that the whole point of hunting was to supplement the families food supply. We ate everything we took. The only exception was an occasional coyote or other predator. There are a couple of shows that spend some time with that aspect which I really like. I believe that if more non hunters knew that we were really not just after the horns, we could benefit our passion a lot. I host a big dinner at one of our annual cowboy shoots for some of our friends and fellow shooters using fish & game I have taken. I usually cook up some chili (using whatever I have (this year antelope), make some chicken fried steak (this year it will be antelope loin) and a wild hog ham on a spit over the BBQ. I also have goose jerky and will make some catfish ceviche. Most of the wives who have not tasted wild meat before just love it.

    Sometime we do ourselves a disfavor just focusing on the killing aspect. The campfire comradare, fellowship and family atmosphere are really what it's all about for me.
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    Majority of hunting tv shows will eventually discredit real hunters. Just this last year a friend and I were hunting a outfitter in IL. The day we got there, there was a tv show from the outdoor channel who i will not name had been hunting there for the past week. We were out scouting an area the outfitter had dropped us off at. The entire area had been covered in snow for the 5-6 days prior to our arrival. In a corner of the field we found probably 50-75 lbs of soy beans on top of the snow. weird i thought until after talking to the outfitter about it again and was shocked to find out thats where the "tv hunters" had shot a 150" deer couple of days before. I really enjoy watching alot of the shows but knowing and finding things like this is not how to improve public views of hunting and what does it say about a hunters character? And this was just me finding it, what if for some reason it was a news reporter or animal rights?? Oh the sh*t storm that would make us as if its not hard enough to find good hunting land and access.

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    i see both sides!! personly tho if its not eastmans, on your own adventures, or jus a few others it cant hold my attention for more than a few minutes 90% of the shows are ALL about the size of the horn on the head, this isnt what hunting is supposed to be!!!
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    I'd rather not complain. Some are good, some not so good. I remember though (not too long ago) when you couldn't find hunting on t.v. You had buy the videos and that was too expensive. Then they came out with a show or two on T.V. and half the time they didn't get an animal at all or, they wouldn't even show a "kill shot". It's all good, just some of it not for me.

    We are pretty blessed to have so many options.



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