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I guided a TV show hunt for a show that is no longer on the air. What I found anoying was how the footage gets edited. During the hunt they filmed all of our discussions and the host kept repeating everything I was saying. When the show was aired it was edited to make it sound like everything we were doing was the hosts idea! I though he was just slow!

I though it would be cool when the outfitter told me who he booked but it was a royal PITA. The camera guys are the unsung heros of that business. I hiked those guys 10-12 miles a day at 10,000' and the camera crap weighed more than my pack.

From the guides perspective I think most of the shows have given hunters a false sense that every bull that hits the ground comes running to a bugle and scores 350. But no one would watch a show where people take there guns and bows for a hike, and they sure couldn't sell commercial time for all the gadets required to be successful now. Fred Bear killed dang near every animal that walks with a red flannel shirt on. And the first outfitter I worked for smoked 3 packs a day. When I asked him if he was afraid the elk would smell the smoke he said, "All ya gotta do is walk away from it, and you'll know you got the wind in your face boy." Not exactly healthy logic, or logic that sells scent lock, but its sound logic!
That's no lie about the hosts stealing your words/ideas. Paul Newsom did that to me 10 years ago when he still had his show, post Mossy Oak. I worked for Fair Game TV as a camera man in 2006. It was fun but tough work too. The antelope in my avatar was an episode of Fair Game that aired on Versus in 2009. I'm sure some of the most famous shows get some free hunts but in my experience, the best most shows get is a discount from an outfitter, still nice though. In TV hosts defense, the fastest way to shut someone up (guest hunter, guide, etc) is to stick a video camera in their face, works like clockwork! haha.