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    N.W. Alaska Caribou hunting

    For those of you interested in hunting in the north west (Kotzebue) area of Alaska; the regulations have changed that limit non-resident opportunity. The board of game adopted changes the lower the bag limit to one bull caribou with a season of August 1---September 30. The regulations will go into effect July 1. There are some exceptions.

    This is in response to a rapidly declining herd of caribou and in the western arctic region, which includes the range of the Western Arctic and Teshekpuk caribou herds; much of Units 22,23, 26a and some of 24.

    Weather is the factor thought to be driving the population down with a high level of predators helping to keep them down. Lot's of wolves and bears up there, should you be so inclined to want to hunt them! Please!

    One area not effected is 26b. The hunt that is generally accessed from the Dalton highway. The limit there remains at five. That area is generally hunting the Central Arctic caribou herd and the Teshekpuk herd mixes with them at times.

    Caribou can be tough to figure out and they don't demonstrate much fidelity to their herds, or at lest what we think should be their herds.

    Hope this helps if any of you are making plans to hunt up here this season.

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    thanks for the info bob.



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