This is definatly on my bucket list. I honestly think my wife would let me sell anything I wanted to head to Alaska and take a moose. I will probably start looking toward 2014ish not sure. I am trying to find out a little more information on the Grizz, Goat, and Sheep over there as I have alot of distaint family that lives over there and my grandparents own 20 acres off the Keni so I am looking for ways to get around the guide thing. My grandpas brother that lives over there sent him the article that was in the newspaper in Ancorage i believe about that 73" monster that was killed over there. I have still yet to read it and it is sitting on my fridge in an envelope. I will try and remember to bring the article into work with me and scan it in and post it. If my memory serves me correct I want to say the guy was 74. Definatly an awesome accomplishment for that guy.