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    4 for 4 in Colorado - OTC Archery Bulls

    I preface this post by saying I don't get paid for traffic directed to my blog (though if you're bored and want to just click on ads that will help pay the bills...), so don't play the "you're just trying to drum up traffic" card. The card I am playing is this...holy crap it took a ridiculously long time to post up 150-200 pictures and 90+ minutes of HD video footage on my blog. So long in fact that I'm not going to do it on every other forum that I frequent. With that, I hope you'll vicariously enjoy our 4 for 4 Colorado OTC archery elk hunt from 2012. I think all 4 of us would say it was the best hunt we have ever been on from the fellowship amongst hunting buddies, to the physical pounding we absorbed, to the country we hunted, to the sleepless nights due to excessive bugling, to the moments of truth, to the McDonald's meals enjoyed after 5 straight days of homemade knock-off Mountain Houses and trail mix...

    I've tremendously enjoyed reading about other folks' success while sitting in airports the last couple weeks as I've flying to and fro for job interviews, conferences, and other a sundry events. Bottom line - can't wait to settle back down after 6 weeks of an overly frantic pace and start being a regular contributor again to one of the best forums online.

    Follow the link and work your backwards because the posts are ordered from end of the hunt to start of the hunt on a day-by-day basis.

    I apologize in advance for the enormous amount of content and possible long load time...just don't get caught reading when your boss walks in your office.

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    Outstanding/inspirational/awesome/astounding amount of coverage. I couldn't read the whole thing in one setting, but it will keep me busy at the office in November, thanks for the share!

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    Great job! You sure don't see many hardcore western hunters from Alabama.

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    Great job! Thanks for sharing your story.



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