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    An amazing amount of experience in these posts. I want to especially thank Grizz (post #38) for his very articulate and concise explanation. The post mirrors my experience exactly. If I just want meat, I will go for the rib cage, lung and possibly heart (though I really like eating the heart), missing the shoulders if possible. If the conditions are perfect a high neck or head shot ruins even less meat, but as I said, conditions have to be perfect and I KNOW I can successfully make the shot. Dangerous game or good trophys I will go for the shoulder/spine/lung shot. As for all the new "high performance" bullets which have gotten astronomicaly expensive, I tend to still work mostly with the tried and true bullets that have dispatched game for many years and continue to do so. It is always fun to try the new ones though! Happy hunting.

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    Wasn't there once a good article/study where they killed off a bunch of buffalo on a private ranch testing the effects of various sized rifles on buffalo. I remember reading where the size of the bullet had little to nothing to do with a DRT shot but it had to do with one of 2 things. They had several rifles and several buffalo to use. THey found that the likely hood of dropping an animal in its tracks was the same across the spectrum of weapons regardless. Basically it required the CNS disrubtion or the other thing I found really interesting is the autopsy showed a significantly higher rate of DRT shot when they animals had just exhalled and the pause between hear beats. I remember it from a while back.

    For me shot placement depends on the situation. If I need an animal to drop now then high front shoulders are used (for example my wifes bull was only 80 yards from private this year in 2 directions and 15 yards from a nasty cut wash. So she shot a high front shoulder. That same situation with no wash or private would have went for a typical heart lung shot.

    At anyrate, watch the shows and while they show several animals DRT, there are many they look for and also realize that most of those animals are smaller bodied white tails and way more of them.

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    I haven't read through all 5 pages, but most of the DRT shots are a high shoulder hit. Not sure if the shock breaks the spine or not? Have killed 2 whitetail this way in mid west with a muzzloader. Now they droped and kicked just a little, nothing like a strait spine shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanish View Post
    Everything I shoot runs for a bit. Everything my wife shoots falls in its tracks.

    Wish I could figure out what makes the difference as we're both shooting .270s!
    I totally understand. I have shot three cow elk with a 300 and they hunch up and walk a little before dying.. Maybe only 30 yards but still. My wife shot a bull elk this year and it dropped. However.. I am shooting behind the shoulder to not ruin as much meat and she used the high shoulder shot method. (which you see a lot of tv shooters use) It is effective I just don't want to do it with such a large caliber.. But give me a shot at a 6x6 bull and through the shoulder it goes. 8-)



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