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    Replace your binoculars with a camera...

    HI folks... I no longer carry binoculars into the field... I carry a Canon SX10 camera and my hunting trips have turned into a photo safari... I can show my fellow hunters pictures of exactly what I saw and where the trails are and what time they showed up... it has changed my hunting for the better! no doubt no question the proof is in the pictures and not in what "I think I saw"... here are some pics from a couple of hunting adventures. Enjoy!
    my advantages are clear...
    1. The Canon SX series (The SX1, SX10, and SX20) uses standard AA batteries and I can shoot all day and have spares in my pack. (btw-you can't recharge camera batteries on a tree) LoL
    2. uses standard SD cards... Available everywhere and cheap too!
    3. Has a built in long zoom lens. Just point, zoom and shoot I do not have to carrying extra lenses into the field... this thing has it all!
    4. after the hunt you can research and study exactly where the deer trails are and then adjust your hunting blind or stand position!
    5. BONUS you can share the pics with hunting buddies and have indisputable proof of what you saw!
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