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    Three archery seasons ago I had a buck come into my stand at 9yds. When I started to draw the buck spooked and took off down the draw in front of me about 75-100yds blowing the whole way. About 15 minutes later he decided to take another trail that would skirt him around the tree I was in. Too bad for him that trail took him through another shooting lane at 23yds. It was the last mistake he would ever make! From that day on I have made it a point to stick with it after getting busted.

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    Everyone seems to be giving you the right guidance... IMO, the answer is DO NOT end your hunt... Deer blow often and rarely give much attention to another deer blowing... Once they blow and run off, they often return. They are VERY curious animals. Do not be disuaded, keep at it.
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    If a deer literally catches sight of u in stand then that deer has a uncanny sense to look at that stand before coming into open. all other deer will have no idea, from my experience. good luck with the hunt



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