I drew the desert bighorn tag in Texas a few days ago. Now that I'm able to think about it without fainting again, I'm starting to get geared up. My hunt will either be in March/April or July, and it will be in the desert mountains of the Big Bend area of Southwest Texas along the Rio Grande. So it will likely be HOT.

I need a pack that will hold 50-60# of gear (and water) and a rifle while being as cool as possible. I've been looking at packs online mostly. I like the idea of the Badlands Hypervent Suspension. Several comments I've read about some of those packs complain that they're noisy though. Most packs I've had experience with have made a little noise, so maybe the Badlands packs aren't any more noisy than others.

What pack would you guys recommend for me?

Thanks for your advice.