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    First Lite is some awesome stuff. The inherent properties of merino wool are awesome and truly benefit the hunter. No joke it won't stink even after wearing it for 5 days straight in the backcountry. It also does an amazing job at regulating your body temperature. You stay warm in the mornings and comfortable all day long as it heats up. It's the perfect September elk clothing where the temps can go from 20 to 70 in one day. Everyone I have sold some too absolutely loves it and does not regret the price. It's also very durable, I have been wearing a black Llano religiously for over a year now everything from mtn biking, hunting, skiing, going to dinner and just around the house and it shows no signs of wear.

    The new Kanab pants aren't out yet, I think sometime in June is when they will be in stock. The sizing on all of their shirts runs true to what you would expect. Last year the Gila pants were a little off on the sizing but they have fixed that this year and have made quite a few improvements to the pants as well.
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