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    Sorry for your loss and good for you for getting back out there hunting. Your father would want you to go forward and continue doing this wonderful thing that he shared with you called hunting and the great outdoors. I had my youngest son die 6 years ago, he was only 19 months old. For a couple years it was hard to get out there and to really have fun. I was doing something that I love to do, and just like you something my father introduced me to yet I was empty inside. Not sure about you jjenness, but guys do and have these weird things they like to do. Even though my son Jeremiah had not been hunting with me yet, he still had his own Ruana knife that I had hunted shed antlers for and traded for the knife at the shop in Bonner Montana instead of paying cash. I had his name engraved on it, and he doesn't know it, but it was his Christmas gift his first year. The first year after I lost my son I took his knife with me and my other boy Jeff over deer and antelope hunting. We used Jeremiah's knife to dress Jeff's animals with. When we got home I cleaned up the knife and gave it to my son Jeff and told him it now belonged to him and that he could pass it along to one of his children someday when he got married. I do know it made it special to me.

    I'm sorry to go off track a bit jjenness, and I truly know how you feel. Just like my son Jeremiah, your father would want you to continue, and for you to enjoy what you are doing. I imagine he was looking over your shoulder and was watching the whole time. God bless you and prayers for you and your family. That is a special bull for you that you will cherish forever.
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