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    Quote Originally Posted by buckbull View Post
    I think its awesome how all this turned out. I think its great that the hunting community can stick together like this.
    I definitely agree!!!

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    Hang tough.. and stick to your family values. It does take death to eat meat. Alot of people really can't get a grip on this. They think if they don't do the dirty work and process the animal. They are better then the rest.

    Putting pix on facebook of anything personal is looking down a loaded gun.
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    My oldest daughter started shooting a bow at the age of 2. (It was a little red recurve). She became the state of MN record holder for midget Barebow division in MN. (The record has since been eclipsed) Life evolved and she shoots very little (She is now in college), but when she shot a lot, she had better form than I!

    My youngest daughter (who is now 11 years old) only wants to shoot animal targets and doesn't like shooting bullseyes.

    Point is they are never too young. Teach them safety and respect and it will carry through. Your kids will know the cycle of life and will be richer for what you do.

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    Jen, first, great job! You'll have a fine young man on your hands someday, and he'll do well in the world! Second, let me put his in a little different perspective for you, as someone who taught history. Today we call this a hobby. No one in the civilized world has to go hunt to survive, but the simple fact is, for us humans to live, something else has to die-even plants. That's a simple fact of life. Now, take this back 1500 years or so, over most of the world, and you'll find nothing changed. The Mongol clans gave their kids bows as soon as they could pull a string even a little ways, and they were some of the best archers in the world-still are today! There's only one difference between today and long ago: here, if you miss, it's a trip to the store. Then, if you missed, you starved. People were much more integrated into the natural world. Today, you'd think that cell phone is permanently grafted to their ear, and the disconnect is huge.



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