Since I took a beautiful 6x8 Tule Elk in '96 I have been putting in for Rosies ever since. Last year my hunting partner and I were the first alternates, so I have had pretty good luck when it comes to California Elk. This year I studied the Oregon regs, but didn't put in. I did apply for the same Roosevelt hunt this year in California. Since I got the Tule out of the way taking a Roosevelt elk is highest on my bucket list. I figure I still have a good chance of taking a nice Rocky Mtn elk someday. I have taken quite a few cow elk in Utah, but wasn't able to connect when I finally drew my LE elk tag a few years back.

This is a special year for hunting for me, last year I almost didn't get out at all, in fact not until January and no big game hunting at all. Planning for this years hunt has given me a goal and has helped me get back in shape. I have been walking everyday now for the past couple weeks and started my annual summer ritual of taking Ginkgo Biloba (I used to always suffer from attitude sickness, but not since I started taking Ginkgo before the season starts).

This is my first posting here on Eastmans, but tivo the show and been watching it regular. The reason I didn't hunt much last year was because I was fighting stage 4 tongue and neck cancer, it damned near killed me twice, but I guess God has some plans for me that I am not aware of. There are lots of things that helped me get through the toughest times of my life, but the one thing that is appropriate to mention here is hunting forums and hunting shows. When I could do nothing more than lay in bed those hunting shows and forums where I could keep up with others and live through their hunting trips keep a light at the end of the tunnel for me. Today I am using this fall's hunting trips for incentive to get my butt out there and walk, push myself, I will never again take any time I get to spend in the woods for granted.

Sorry to get off track. If any of you draw a Tule Elk tag, expecially in the Owens Valley, look me up. I took my Tule elk from the Bishop herd and have spend quite few hunting seasons hunting Mulies in the X9A area, both with a rifle and bow. In fact I got a shot at a Mule deer tag in X9A this year and unless I am in Utah on a archery spike elk hunt, I'll be either in D6 or D7 archery deer hunting or in X9A scouting.