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    DIY Antelope Hunt Wyoming 27?

    Looking for any help on first "out west hunt"

    My wife and I and my dad are planning first hunt out west. We each have two preference points. I have been doing a lot of research and am thinking about unit 27. Looking for info on where to begin in unit as well as where to stay. My wife would prefer to stay in hotel but I am open to camping. Are there ever left over doe tags for this unit? Is it better to go second week instead of opener? Any answers much appreciated.

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    I'm also debating on that unit. Not trying to be a smarta%%. But have you looked around WY dnr page? It's really easy to navigate. Go to hunting then draw odds. Click non res random draw and pick the unit and hunt type. It will tell you how many tags and how many people picked 1-3 choice. Do same for resident. If there is less hunters then tags then there is ur left overs. Some units even have left over buck tags. Your allowed 2 bucks and up to 4 does. I'm looking at doing a mulei hunt also while out there if can get the tags. Good luck



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