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i would sure like to see an article on why nm refuses to input a point system,this is the closest elk state to me and i can never seem to draw it not only that but i can only swing 1 elk hunt per year and by the time nm s results are posted i need to already have concrete plans. id appriciate that article!!
I'd be careful what you wish for.. At least with a random draw, you'll have just as much a chance to draw a tag in the most coveted units as the next guy. If you're just getting in the points game in states like CO, AZ and UT, you are about 20 years behind schedule, and will statistically never draw the best CO units, and stand a very small chance of drawing top units in UT or AZ. Even in WY, with a points system only 7 years old, your chances of drawing a top end unit are slim, and are going to require a very long wait.