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    NM cow

    Helped guide one of my freinds to his first elk Saturday afternoon. We hunted Friday evening and all day Saturday until we connected. Kamikaze trip, we left Friday at 2 am, drove 800 miles, hunted that night and then the next day, then dropped and chopped one and drove straight back, arriving at 6 am Sunday morning. 1800 miles and an elk hunt in 52 hours. I was going to write up more details of the hunt, but then I figured that's his story to tell. Here's a few pics, beatiful country.

    Sat am

    loving the new tripod - VANGUARD ALTA+ 253CT CARBON FIBER TRIPOD - I got a cammofire deal and posted about it earlier.

    After the shot - first elk, all smiles.

    Snow makes getting the meat cooled off quick an easy task!

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