I´m a NV resident and I have 6 points going into the 2013 draw. I have spent a lot of time in areas 23, 11, and 22 and I know there are A LOT of big bulls in these areas, but I have never been to the northern part of the state.

What I have personally seen is that all of the biggest NV bulls come from the 23, 22, and 11 areas, but a few nice ones come out of the northern-part too... Since I have 6 points I have a DECENT chance of drawing a 61, 71....62... or 72-74 archery tag... I realize I could get lucky and draw 22, 23, or 11, but I dont have a great chance for that...

So my question is:
Would it be worth it to burn my points for a 61,71....62....or 72-74 tag and possibly have to wait 10 years to put in again. Or should I just forget those areas and stay with 23, 22, and 11 and have the best chance of killing a monster bull? I figure that since its so hard to get a NV Bull Elk tag, I want to kill a big bull when I get a tag. So is the hunting good enough and the bulls big enough in the northern-areas to use my points? Or should I just stay with 23, 22, and 11???

Any opinions about the northern-areas would be great... Willing to help anyone who´s got questions about 22, 23, or 11!

I also realize that the 22 and 11 areas got split into 2 separte areas, so that might give me a better chance of drawing one of these areas...??
But it´s impossible to tell what my odds will be until they update the ndow.org website with the 2012 info...
Does anyone know when they will be updating the info from 2012??