Happy new year all. My hunting buddy and I have acquired a few points going into this years hunt. I have 6 and my partner has 4. We are trying to figure out how to draw a tag. We have been unsuccessful twice in the past. Not sure what I am doing wrong but I am hoping with the number of points we have we should be able to score something.

My first question is since I have 6 points and my buddy has for will we have 4 going into the draw or do they average the points out so we will have 5?

I have been an Eastmans member for several years and have been reading the MRS over ad over again and it has some great info but trying to figure out how to put areas in so we get drawn has been confusing to me.

Second question is should we put in for a blue chip unit (e.g. 60, 61, 57, 58) for our first choice and then put in for a green chip unit that has the possibility of getting drawn for a second choice or forgo the green chip unit all together and put in for something else? We really want to hunt this year and I don't want to screw up the application process AGAIN.

Or do we put in for a green chip unit first and then some other unit. I am not sure where we sit with the number of points we have. We plan on flying our small airplanes up there and then renting a truck and finding a hotel and then driving to the hunting areas each day. Not exactly roughing it but we are new. Have given thought to getting a guide but we really would rather do a DIY hunt.

Thank you in advance for any advice I might get here. Obviously we don't want anyone to give away their hot areas but it sounds like there is plenty of good antelope hunting in Wyoming and just want to hunt without wasting the accrued points we have.

Oh and one more question. We are also hoping to do some coyote hunting while we're out there. How are the coyote numbers out there? We hunt them a lot here in Kentucky.