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    I got all the forest service maps for where i hunt in south western montana. Shows all the state, forest service, private sections etc. Also have a garmin gps with the montana land ownership hunting maps, a must have in my opinion.

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    I know the OP had asked about paper maps but I have been really impressed with the topo maps available thru the Cabelas Recon app. With the Public Land Boundaries add-on I was able to figure out some tricky BLM/private checkerboard boundaries while hunting mulies in Wyoming last fall.

    There are some limitations I had to consider like conserving battery life of phone (android) by disabling gps when not needed. I also had to preload topo data to SD card while having a wireless connection beforehand. But with efficient use I was able to get the same things done with this setup as my buddie's $400 garmin with $100+ chip.

    If you log online to their website you can also create custom maps with any boundary overlays, topo or satellite and any data pts you would like to have added. I have not used this function personally but it might be helpful.

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    Free GPS maps.

    Not all areas you're after will be on there nor are they the BEST you can find, but they show the boundaries of private and public land and other essentials. I do not need to know the EXTREME details of a location and pay astronomical amounts. I think many of the high dollar digital maps for GPS are overkill. Just me...

    I do not need to know someone once farted @ 10,235 feet @ these coordinates... Give me the basics that i can use to get where I need to go and get back. That's what you'll find @ the GPS Depot.
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    Each national forest district seem to have their own maps they make available, not all Districts are the same. I have gotten paper maps from them that showed information that no other maps had. For example I got one that was useless for topo , but it showed special features, one really important one...gates blocking roads. Here is a site with a lot of BLM info You can really get a lot out of it if you get into it. Look for the site mapper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssliger View Post
    I bought maps from and they only cost me $15 per map on the waterproof paper. I bought the plain topo with public and private boundaries. When I get more maps I plan on buying the hybrid maps. I like the 1:25,000 scale. Another place is

    Just wanted to resurrect this one, I just got my maps in from these guys.

    They have the USGS maps, which I like, but I also found out that you can specify an area that you want, i.e., it can span several USGS maps, add grids, pre-folded, etc, plus the waterproofing.

    For the cost of 3 non-waterproof paper USGS maps plus shipping, I got three maps that cover all of the areas where I'll be hunting, getting wood, etc and cover the area of about 12 USGS maps.

    Quite nice, thanks again.
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