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Thread: Breckenridge

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    The wife and I are headed to Breckenridge next Sunday, for a week of skiing and general relaxing.. It's been several years since I last went skiing, and my dad took care of lift tickets, ski rental and all that stuff.. Can anyone offer up their best ski rental places? Or their best spots to get lift tickets? I've been sniffing around quite a bit, but would gladly take anyones suggestions..

    Anything I must do while in Breck? Food that I must eat? Night spot that we must go to?

    We'll also spend a day or so in Denver, on our way out. What are some fun things to do in Denver? We like to eat.. And, drink!

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    me and my wife just got back from wolf creek, its much more laid back and less booming than breckenridge, i can tell u that if ur headed to brecken u better take a load of cash n b ready to use it!!! Should be a great time if u got the doe tho



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