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    Garmin etrex 20.

    I had never used gps before and was pleased. User friendly and batteries lasted very long time.

    * Wy puts by units to indicated difficult public access was a good rule of thumb for the three units I was personally in. Sure you could still hunt in * units and probably be successful but options were limited.

    By looking at drawing odds you can see where the demand is.

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    If you are looking for a gps, I don't think you'll find a better deal than this:
    Just ordered one, Cabelas had them a little cheaper about 2 months ago, this is the best I've seen since.

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    I also have the cabelas recon app on my phone. Its very nice to use for states that have the same units for deer/elk/antelope but like lostriver said it only shows elk units in WY. I am also from LA and can't speak for the accuracy out west. Hopefully i will find out this fall in CO. i know it's very accurate for the WMA's i hunt here in LA



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