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    Saw this is an older thread, but will probably still be looked at a lot with the excellent side by side comparison on the scopes by BigSur

    For what it's worth, my eyes seem to be really picky on what works for me. I leave the eyepiece extended on the ED50 and can use the full zoom, been using mine for 2 seasons now. The Zeiss Victory FLT binos fit me also, I use them one click short of being fully extended and they fit me perfect. Most versions I tried including the Cabelas Euros, Vortex Razor, Zen Ray Prime, and Minox HG left me wanting to extend them one more click. Maybe this will help someone having a similar problem with optics.

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    Big Sur, great review. fatrascal.

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    Great review BigSur, thanks for the comparison. Are you using a larger objective for most of your trips not concerning weight? If so which spotter and what is low light comparison between the vortex 50mm and your larger objective. I currently have the 85 mm objective razor and was wondering how much lowlight performance I would sacrifice going with a 50mm packer

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    BigSur Nice video review. Thanks for taking the time.



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