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    UH, I also hunted G7 in the early 90's and it was DIY. I also am nearing enough points to draw again and would recommend the DIY. I have hunted the unit three additional times with family members and we all killed nice goats, the last being near book by my dad.
    As far as sheep go, I killed a ram on the South Side of I-70 between Georgetown and Guanella Pass. If you drive that road, pull off and glass to the South. It's mixed timber but you can generally pick out some sheep. My Dad killed a nice full curl ram between Empire and Berthoud Pass. Again, a lot of timber but you can glass and pick them out in the rocky outcroppings. Just my experience, hope it helps.

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    Ive seen sheep numerous times from I-70 in people's backyards in Georgetown, north of the interstate. Most of those sightings were in the winter months though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cycloneshooter View Post
    I have been to the Georgetown look out spot along I-70 at least 3 times and have never seen a sheep there. I know there is a big herd there, but maybe my luck just stinks. Different times of the year too. Have even driven the road along the back side of the mountain near Empire without any luck.

    Latest tip I have heard to is to try west of Georgetown along I-70 before you get to the tunnel.
    Anybody know how the sheep viewing is west of G'town?
    You must have terrible luck because I was through there yesterday and saw about 30 of them standing right next to the road and there were quite a few rams. If you go west of Georgetown then it will be really tough to spot a sheep without having to hike in a ways.

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    If you want to see goats, go to Quandary Peak and to the parking lot at Blue Lakes. You'll see plenty!
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