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    Picked up my "Free" Rifle today...

    The Cabelas Card finally indicated enough points for a "Free" gun so I made my selection today. Savage Long Range Hunter in .300 Winny. I'm not usually a fan of being beat to death by "big calibers" (I know, call me a wuss) but I have been wanting to try the new Accubrake personally. I had thought about the Bear Hunter, but with the 23" barrel I couldn't see going .300 Win. I would probably have purchased it if Cabelas had it in .300 WSM (kind of made for a short barrel), so that left me with the Long Range Hunter... Now to mount a scope and see how it shoots. It is the only .300 I have (or have ever had). I've been a fan of a lot of "smaller" calibers my whole life, now I live in the West and I guess I will follow the crowd and see how it works out. This makes Savage number 5 in my collection... the wife asks "How many guns does a guy need?" My answer is always "I have all I NEED, just not as many as I WANT." "And besides honey, the democrats want to take them all away..." She will catch on to that one before long...

    I also found a guy locally who was selling a set of Hornady Custom Dies in .300 win, an unopened box of 208 grain Hornady AMax bullets, and unopened can of H1000, a box of Hornady Custom 180 grain SST with 5 of them shoot, a half box of Rem Core Locs 180 gr, a bunch of Hornady brass, a Hornady COAL Gauge and .300 win Modified case, for $70.... I think I am set for a while.

    Now if I could just find someone who wants to trade something fun for the Kimber 8400 Classic, in 7mmWSM, I have sitting in my safe (to pretty to actually take out and drag around the mountains) I would be all set for "Summer Time shooting and reloading Fun".
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