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    Going to finally draw region G mule deer. Now What for a flat land whitetail hunter?

    I am from New England. Have taken some Mule deer before out west but never DIY. Im going to draw a region G deer tag finally. Have all the BLM maps and hoping for a good starting point. Will be researching via google earth , BLM maps,and hopefully some good people who know the area here. Will hike, camp,.. this may be my only shot at this. I have the first 10 days in Oct. Thank any of you who will help a guy out!
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    What area are you looking at hunting? I know most of the areas in region G closed on the 5th of October last year. Let me know what you are looking for and I can help you out.

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    Correct, most of region G closes on Oct 5. The areas that are open later have deer, but generally lower densities. Exceptions abound. What are you looking for? If any 4 point will do, you shouldn't have a problem. The deer in this area aren't doing real well, however, and the hunting for big bucks is difficult, at best. Weather will greatly influence your hunt. Need more info to know how to respond.



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