Could someone give me some insight on the draw odds for units in New Mexico. This is one example that I will look at unit 16a hunt 2-234 (1st archery season). In the MRS section for the 2012 season the odds shown are for res. 78% non res 16% non res with guide 94%. But when I look at the game and fish numbers it looks alot different. There are 150 tags with 10% going to non res guided thats 15 tags 8% going to non res 12tags and 123 tags for res. for resident there is 510 hunters applying for the 123 tags about 25% will draw. for non res there are 12 tags with 172 hunters applying that is about 7% odds of drawing. Then for non res guided there are 113 hunters applying for 15 tags about a 14% chance at drawing. Could some one explain to me how this works and why my numbers are so different than the MRS section in the magazine.