Gentleman and possibly ladies. My friend Adam and I have drawn WY general elk tags and are looking for REAL backcountry adventure. I've hunted areas 89/90/91 with some decent success but am looking into going into some of the real backcountry wilderness GEN tag areas around yellowstone. As you know we cannot access these lands in WY without a guide, and although I have nothing but admiration for guides, but while I'm still young enough to do it, I want to tackle this adventure with my own wits and hard work. A WY resident, free of charge can acquire a resident guide license and away we go! If you or any WY residents you know are interested in joining forces for an adventure like this please let me know. We are normal people with normal lives and families and what the heck... you only live once, and this is something I've always wanted to do. 20 some years ago, on a whim another good friend of mine and I applied for and got tags in NM unit 16A archery (back when drawing great tags was pretty easy for non-residents) and we met a few guys from Silver City NM out in the middle of the Gila Wilderness, we teamed up had a great time, and even helped hump out Mike's (from silver city) first bull elk. Yet today, we are still good friends and remain in touch. Thanks all and everybody have a great 2013! Ty N.