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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Bailey View Post
    Thanks, Guys. I put in for EM044O1M and DM035O1M. I'm planning on hunting the Holy Cross wilderness in unit 45. Maybe Grouse Mtn. Maybe up high in the cross creek drainage. I am excited to research the area and get up there myself. I've never been. I am planning on going solo because I don't know a single other person who hunts. Therefore, I would like to find a packing service who could help me get a deer or elk out of the wilderness. I tried Half Moon Outfitters and Packing, but they only work east of Redcliff. Does anyone know someone I could hire to help?
    Sent you a PM on this. Those hunt codes should have been easily drawn, so good luck on your hunt

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    Yep, I drew both those tags and a bear tag too just for fun. Pretty psyched about it!

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    You'll be busy. Sounds like fun. Be sure to give a report of your succes/ unsuccess after hunting. I love where I live, but I sure wish I had the Rockies in my back yard. Would make it a lot easier to spend more time chasing animals.



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