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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Bailey View Post
    What sights did you order? My Wolf came with scope rings. So, I need to get some open sights to hunt here in Colorado.
    Hey Eric...

    For the front sight: XS Sights "white line patridge" front blade (not partridge). This has a thin white line that your eye pics up well and you aim off of the top of the blade so your aiming point is not covered. A lot of guys use fiber optics but in various lighting conditions they can be hard to sight with, and at 100 yards they cover a lot of the target.

    For the rear sight:

    XS Ghost ring sight: Very simple clean install. Not a lot of extra hardware on your rifle.


    Williams FP peep: Much more adjustability than the XS Ghost ring. You can also order various aperture sizes depending on what you like better, or completely remove the aperture and use it like a ghost ring.

    Here is the link for Williams:

    Here is the link for XS Sights:
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