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    CO Unit 54 Muzzie Elk hunt

    Well, we sent in and hopefully will draw our muzzie either sex tag for unit 54 in CO with 3 pref pts. I've already bought a topo map for the unit but are there any other maps anyone would recommend? I'm thinking on getting a public land map also to show boundaries and trails but wanted your advice. Are they all an option for the gps with a download?

    Also has anyone hunted or backpacked in the unit and drove in on CO RDs 723, 724, or 730? I'm just wondering how far they actually go into the unit. I spoke with a DOW officer and he said the roads stop at the wilderness boundary but of course the CO Hunting Atlas doesn't show the wilderness boundary and shows the roads going damn near all through the country. Any info is appreciated...

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    I have bow hunted this unit twice. We packed in from both CO Rds 723 and 724. At the end of these roads which is 15 to 17 miles from highway 50 you will be about 1 mile from the West Elk Wilderness. The bad thing about this area is you are starting from the top of the ridge. All hunting is downhill, which means all packing out is uphill. I mean uphill. Very Steep. We hunted here when it was an over the counter bow hunt. We ran into many people. Don't know now what the pressure is since it is a draw unit. You will also be competing with hunters on horses. Having horses for this unit is a plus. If you want to really see a good look of the topo of this area, download google earth. There are elk in this area really nice ones. It will take a lot of work and a lot of work to get them out.

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    723 and 724 both go way back up there close to or right at the wilderness boundary. 730 goes all the way north but you will need to back pack in going west from there, parking by the trout ponds. Really you are talking about 2 different areas. All 3 of these are well known and you will run into a lot of traffic. We hunted 2nd rifle there 2 years ago, I only saw one bull in beaver, he was a good one, but as stated, if you want to hunt this unit effectively, you need to be in top shape. I will take a look at all my maps when I get home and see which ones I'd reccommend.

    I will say this though, if you can read about any area on the internet in unit 54, its going to be way overhunted and crowded.
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    You can see the wilderness boundary using the Colorado hunting atlas. There is a button on the far right labeled "FS_MVUM." Click it, and then check the box next to Motor Vehicle Use Map. Wilderness areas are shaded in dark gray and labeled as such.

    I've never been in the West Elk wilderness, but I'm sure you will have a blast!



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