I have been hammering at the gym everyday before work (6 days a week). Free weights and shooting at home at night. Usual day is up at 4:30am. In the gym at 6:30am. Run 3 miles, stationary bike 15 min. Hit some weights and off to work. Get home at 6:00pm. Dinner. Arms and upper body with the free weights and then shoot for 30-45min. In bed at 11pm.

I changed my diet fair bit and I have managed to drop 35lbs since Christmas and I now do my 3 mile runs in about 25min. I want to be doing a 6 mile run with a 30lb pack on in under 60min by the time I hit the high country in July. I would love to get out and do some longer runs and train outside but I got 6 inches of snow last week and it was -23C (-10F) Monday morning. Got to love spring time in Alberta!