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    Quote Originally Posted by BKC View Post
    25contender, That is some good looking work. I was looking at something like this but I just couldn't picture putting a dead deer on top of it and having it bleed all over my gear. Looks like your pretty good at "honey do" lists.
    I have a rubber mat that fits on top. and all my gear fits in the boxes. I also have a carrier that fits in the receiver that was made so it is about 2ft off the ground so it doesn't hit anything in rough terrain. You cant see them but there are 4 hatches that open up in front and in back of each wheel well for extra storage. I think the whole project was right at $300. It can be lifted out if it needs to be but I have never taken it out because I use it all the time. Makes neat lockable storage and you can still use the top of the boax for other gear and sleeping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjsmallfield View Post
    That thing is awesome 25contender. I would love to do somthing like that with my rig.
    Its not that hard to build and not to expensive. It sit right on top of the bed liner so if for any reason water gets below the box it will just drain if you park on a slight grade.

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    I up graded the truck. I think it will match my binoculars, ha ha. fatrascal
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    Quote Originally Posted by clacklin009 View Post
    Each Spring I can't wait for the big game hunting seasons to start. In anticipation for the late summer and fall hunts I get started with new purchases for the year. Last year it was a new bow and tent. This year I've started with an order of GU Chomps, gels, and Roctane drink mix. Next I'm going after a large supply of Mountain House meals and a new pack. I'm also thinking about a new fixed blade knife and possibly a new head lamp-thinking about the Princeton Tec. Remix Tactical with red and blue lights.

    Wanted to know what y'all are planning on getting for the upcoming year.
    It's too early for the Spring shopping cart; however, I think it is the perfect time for product reviews on last Spring's shopping cart. It might help anyone that is thinking about products this Spring.

    GU Chomps, Gels, and Roctane: Chomps and Gels were great as always. Roctane was perfect for my needs, it had a good amount of sugar, tons of energy, and a good flavor.

    Kelty Red Cloud Pack: Was great It fit real well and for how big a pack, it sat low at the top. I was concerned about noise but there was no problem.

    Black Diamond Storm Headlamp: The light quality was great. On one hunt I didn't start hiking until 7:30 pm and ended up bushwhacking a new trail. The Storm had good distance and a bright light. This is an area (headlamps) where double the price tag of a poor light more than doubled the performance (IMHO). The strap held position while on my head but slipped out of position every time I took it off. Had to re-adjust it every morning but it did adjust very easy.

    Streamlight Scorpion Flashlight: I liked it a lot. Rubber grip, easy to hold onto and a good quality beam.

    Streamlight The Siege Lantern (most surprising purchase). Waterproof light that will float if dropped in water. Very bright lantern for a large tent, 3 brightness settings and a red light selection. The top can be removed so the light can hang from the ceiling and not have anything obstruct the light. Nice and small easy to move around with. three points to hang it from. Works well ice fishing to-boot.

    Mountain House Meals: Had eggs for the first time. I bought one to try at home and it did not agree with me. The rest were fine. Bought a Backpackers Pantry meal and that was not what I was looking for. Seemed to taste more like fresh veggies, not a problem, but just takes too long to absorb and I just preferred Mountain House taste.
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